NRGstream offers API’s and web based applications for historic and streaming real-time data and analytics from one of North America’s largest power market data repositories of public and third-party information.
PWRstream supports and optimizes your energy cost management decision making. It’s a powerful real-time forecast interface that informs operators and equipment of all projected energy market costs in the coming hours and weeks.
CRBNstream is a cost decision support tool for environmental and sustainability mandates, utilizing dynamic tracking & forecasting of grid and onsite emissions.

We support all-levels of decision making in power markets through insightful energy data, analytics and forecasting.




North American power market data repository & live feed.

Predictive forecast and energy cost management tool kit.
Dynamic emissions tracking & forecasting.


Arcus has been assembled throughout a 30 year operating history. Our company evolved from the power market data needs for utilities, traders, banks, project developers and asset operators. Today our growth is fully driven by the democratization of energy intelligence and the growth in distributed energy resources. We currently offer a flexible modern platform for engaging our user through user interfaces, API’s and other means.

The growing democratization of energy intelligence and distributed energy resources have become the trade winds of our business growth.

Arcus customer profile spans several industries

Arcus’ predictive analytics supports customers in Power Generation, Oil & Gas Upstream/Midstream, Mining, Steel, Forestry, Crypto currency, Food & Beverage, and Municipalities to reduce operating costs, monetize cost centers, achieve environmental targets and improve grid efficiencies